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Localising the user and find out the weather
The Video is influenced by the weather from the position of the viewer. Strictly speaking we use the current weather forecast for the day.

To get that data it is necessary to identify the viewer's location first. This is possible with the help of is an American company that provides information of 36.557 cities worldwide. The System localises the viewer through his/her IP-Address. If the localisation fails, the default City is Augsburg, Germany.

Test here if the localisation of your computer works correctly., a German weather network, provides the weather information of 9827 Cities worldwide. We receive a new weather information update everyday at 5 am (German Time).

All the Information about the weather and the cities are stored in a MySQL Database. If the system localises a city where we have not received weather information, we use the weather information of the nearest city that we have weather information for.

Design of the Video

The Video consists of 4 autonomous modules.

The color of the background, the animation of the ornaments/flowers and the animation of the mask, that uncover the pictures are basic elements. They are always different but the basic animation is always there. Depending on the weather situation there are additional animations of snow, rain or pollen and clouds. All the visualisations are artistically and graphically composited. There is no intention to simulate reality.

All modules exist of dynamically replaceable objects, whose properties, like scale or position, change permanently. All movements are programmed; there is no static animation.

here you can see an overview of all the:
- Ornaments and Flowers
- Clouds
- Backgrounds

The weather influences the appearance of the video under certain rules. The following illustrations shows an overview of the weather's influence.

Technical implementation

The Project is realised in Flash MX 2004 (ActionScript 2). The communication between the flash movie and the database, where all weather and city information are stored, is programmed with php.


theunseenvideo is the final year project of Daniel Scheibel and Ferdinand Weinrother. The work was generated during the summer term of March-July 2005 at the Department of Design, University of Applied Sciences Augsburg, Germany.